Piotr Lutek on Place Branding in Poland: Challenges, Success Strategies and Trends

  • Place Brand Trigger is the methodology you use for place brand implementation. In a nutshell, how does it work?
  • Easier said than done. This is a general problem of almost all place branding projects in Poland. On a paper you can put anything you like concerning values, brand idea or desired outcomes. Key initiatives as well. So often we have a brand strategy document ready and…nothing happens, or implementation gets messed up. That was the starting point for Place Brand Trigger. We developed a simple, 12-fields matrix that helps place marketing teams to go smoothly from brand strategy birth to its implementation and management. In the rows you get the most important areas of management, like the organization that should be behind a brand, product, communication and experience. The columns represent the three crucial phases of place brand development: incubation, animation and maturation. Each field of the matrix consists of set of tasks to do and precisely determines goals to achieve.

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